The Federal Government’s 2016-17 budget is committed to investing more than $3.4 billion in urban rail projects across the country as part of the funding for rail infrastructure. In addition to this, $594 million in equity will be given over three years from 2017-18 to support the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Project. With the increase in infrastructure plans for transport, there is even more demand and need for the design and development of depots, workshops and maintenance centres.

The significant investment in growing fleets and rail networks means depots and workshops need to be upgraded to ensure they are equipped to meet changing maintenance requirements. With this in mind, IQPC Australia is proud to launch the Depot Upgrades and Workshop Modernisation Conference 2017, where senior decision makers in depot design and development highlight the solutions for facing the challenges in modernising depot facilities to enhance train availabilities and efficient operations.

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At this event, you will:

Engage in networking opportunities with some of Australia's engineering and depot directors

Learn practical ways in how to design and develop a modernised depot and workshop through investigating technological innovations

Benefit from interactive workshops that focus on the safety analysis of depots and workshops to enhance accessibility, operations and maintenance

Develop your understanding of the benefits of upgrading facilities and its impact on maximising efficiency and turn around times for fleets

Discover insights and case studies into the latest depot projects in Australia that will influence the future potential and direction of your upgrades and modernisation

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Who will you meet at the Depot Upgrades and Workshop Modernisation Conference 2017?

  •  Head/Managers of Depots
  •  Head/Manager of Fleets
  •  Head/Managers of Rolling Stock
  •  Head/ Managers of Asset Maintenance
  •  Project Managers/Engineers
  •  Depot Design Managers

From the following industries:

  •  Rail operators and owners
  •  Maintenance Contractors
  •  Consulting Engineers
  •  Heavy Haul and Freight
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