28 February - 2 March, 2017 | Dockside Group, Sydney, NSW

Frank Vincze

Rail Operations Manager
Metro Trains Melbourne

09:50 Operator Upskilling: Developing Business Opportunities for Enhanced Skillsets in Testing and Delivering

Alongside upgrading facilities and modernising your environment comes up-skilling and training your staff to understand and further their knowledge of the new systems and technology. Creating opportunities for skill building and ensuring your staff are up-to-date with the changes can enhance efficiency of operations and safety. This session will build on how to up-skill and open up opportunities during the process of upgrading.

  • Investing in maintenance staff capabilities by providing training opportunities to further enhance knowledge of depot equipment and resources
  • The importance of learning management systems and induction programs to assist in improving staff performance and build operator efficiency
  • Monitoring cultural change and investigating the beneficial outcomes of modernising depots while also furthering skillsets to maximise resources

11:40 Expert Speaker Panel: Harnessing Safe Work Practices Alongside Depot Modification

Building safety into the overall design of the depot ensures that safety improvements are there before accidents happen. This expert speaker panel will discuss harnessing safe work practices and how developers are required to put more effort into establishing solutions in the planning stage rather than once the project is completed.

  • Nurturing arising safety culture and standards and aligning these with depot maintenance requirements
  • Overview into utilising and building smart technology solutions to improve safety and protection of staff while maximising maintenance operations
  • How to analyse and outlining points in depot design where modifications can be made to achieve better and safer personnel and equipment contact

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Frank.

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